Graphic Designer, Electrician, Musician, Writer, Actor, and Visual Artist

Creative Collaborations and Company Consultations

I welcome the infinite possibilities that collaboration in artistic creativity can bring!
If you are looking for a graphic designer to make your construction company communicate its message and vision better, contact me for a consultation.

These hopes, inspirations, and aspirations form into visions that I express into paintings. I see each of us as a unique event relaying spirit and productiveness to our accumulated and shared collective humanity with a potential to realize and reveal the essence of each person’s purpose. Gratitude is an incredible sentiment to harness.  One of the hopes in democracy is in truth prevailing. I believe in truth as source of self-sustaining happiness. Revelation illuminates nature; this illumination brings with it a newly-discovered awareness of our nature and purpose. Humans are capable of brilliance. Beauty is beyond comprehensions. I believe that, in some degree or another, if everyone saw themselves as an artist, there would be great empathy that benefits us all. Born in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. My art strives to reflect that truth is the source of love and freedom.

I express a mixture of music genres including faith-based rap that are hopeful in depicting the resilient essence of the human spirit.

The above is a special Halloween performance of the children’s story “Hansel and Gretel” by the Brothers Grimm (1812).

The forms of abstract art that I express come from hopes, inspirations, and aspirations. These form into visions that I express into paintings.

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